At cabinet7, high quality photos play an important role in the description of an item. Potential buyers and collectors will inspect your photography in great detail. Clear, high-quality imagery is very important.

The better the picture, the higher the sales price.

Good quality images help to prevent buyer dissatisfaction.

Please take a look at our tips for taking great pictures of your item.

1. Use a neutral background

  • Use a neutral, and if possible white background to make your item stand out.
  • Consider using a large piece of cardboard, or a white wall.

2. Use proper lighting

  • Please take photos in broad daylight, as it helps to enhance the details of an item.
  • Artificial light obscures the true colours of an item. Do not use flash photography because it looks unattractive.
  • Make sure there is no shade on the bottle.

3. Steady your camera

  • If the camera moves while a photo is being taken, the image will lose focus.
  • Please use a tripod for your camera so the photo is sharp.

4. Only depict the item you’re selling

  • Only take pictures of the item you want to value and/or sell.
  • The background should be neutral.

5. Pick your camera carefully

  • A digital camera is far better than a smartphone camera for taking photos, especially close-up shots.

6. No self-portraits

  • Do not take pictures where parts of the body are visible.

7. Bottle: Upright standing & entirely on photo

  • Please make sure to show the bottle standing upright. When taking a full size photo, make sure to show the whole bottle and not to cut off the top or bottom.
  • Do not take the picture from above or below, but from the side.

8. Sharp and focus

  • Avoid unclear, fuzzy photos.
  • The focus should be on the bottle, not on the background.
  • For closeup shots, make sure the part on which you’re focusing is clear.
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