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What is cabinet7?

cabinet7 allows collectors to sell second-hand bottles in a trusted online marketplace. Our platform provides a means of sending and receiving payment, against which a service charge is paid by the seller and buyer.

How do sales work?

  1. Bottle owners present their privately owned collector item to us.

  2. We evaluate the realistic market value of the item. The value is based on historic and current transactional price data.

  3. If the bottle owner accepts the evaluated price, buyers can purchase the bottle on cabinet7.

  4. Once cabinet7 has successfully received payment, the seller ships the bottle to the buyer within 5 days after transaction.

  5. Once the buyer has confirmed successful delivery and acceptable condition of the bottle, the seller receives the price paid from cabinet7, excluding the service charge.

How does cabinet7 function?

cabinet7 facilitates and supports the sale of collectible items, by providing an online platform to connect buyers and sellers.

cabinet7 does not buy or sell any collectible items. Sellers offering a bottle must provide accurate, complete, and clear details regarding the item offered, and must include information about the condition and classification of the item. 

Any complaints and/or disputes between seller and buyer must be reported to cabinet7 as soon as is reasonably possible. cabinet7 will make reasonable efforts to mediate between the two parties. However, it is ultimately the responsibility of the buyer and seller to resolve any disputes between themselves.

cabinet7 cannot be held responsible for any activities that take place outside the auction platform, e.g. damage, delay, or seizure during transit. 

cabinet7 is not able to guarantee the authenticity of collectible items offered for sale. Buyers purchase the products as "sold as seen, as they are shown in the pictures and described in the text".

How much is the service charge for cabinet7 sales?

The seller and buyer are liable to pay a commission on each item sold, depending on the final selling price. The fee depends on the currency of the seller, and will be calculated as stated below.

All possible exchange rates are determined by cabinet7 according to the buyer’s currency, and are already included in the service charge.

Commission Buyer:   10%

Commissions Seller: 

Up to 749 €:15%
750 € - 1499 €:12%
1500 € - 2999 €:10%
Above 3000 €:8%

FAQ's for Bottle Owners and Sellers

I own a bottle and would like to know its value

Submit information and photography of your bottle here in order to receive a free appraisal.

You can still decide later if you want to put the item on sale.

I would like to sell a bottle. How do I do this?

Read about how selling on cabinet7 works, or submit your bottle here in order to receive a free appraisal.

You can still decide later if you want to put the item on sale.

How does cabinet7's bottle evaluation process work?

We have gathered submissions since 2009 via and then expanded our database of sales points in the past years. 

For evaluating your bottle we first look at past sales of comparable items, and then adjust according to the condition of your item (level of liquid in the bottle or seal condition), and exsitance of e.g. a box, certificate etc.  

The appraisal process is powered by data and software, but a human team member will always have the last word when it comes to confirming your item's fair market value. The value is based on historic and current transactional price data.

When and how do I ship the item once the sale is closed?

After cabinet7 has received payment and informed the seller, the seller must then ship the item(s) to the buyer within 5 working days.

The seller must also ensure that the bottle is adequately packaged for shipping. If the seller is not able to ship within the allotted time frame, we will offer the buyer a refund and cancel the process.

cabinet7's shipping recommendations

Does the seller get reimbursed for postage charges?

Yes, the seller will be reimbursed for postage charges when they provide the shipping invoice. The buyer pays the shipping cost upfront and the seller is then reimbursed for the shipping expenses, along with their payout, when they submit the invoice.

How do I receive payment?

cabinet7 will transfer the price of purchase plus shipping costs to the seller's nominated bank account (excluding the seller’s commission).

The transaction will be made within 3 weeks after the purchase funds have been received from the buyer, and not before the item has been received by the buyer in a satisfactory condition.

Sellers who have requested payment in a currency other than EUR, and/or to a bank account outside of the EU, are liable to pay a small transfer fee. This fee is to cover the costs of the bank transfer and costs of exchange rate (typically between 3% and 4%). In general, payment can be made via any of the following methods:

  1. Bank wire transfer in EUR within SEPA region of the EU
  2. PayPal for all locations - small transfer fees for currencies other than EUR and USD
  3. Bank wire transfer in USD for all sellers located in the United States of America (ACH, Routing number and full address required)
I have a question that is not answered here. What should I do?

FAQ's for Buyers

I have a question for the seller about an auction item. What should I do?

Contact us via email at [email protected], ensuring that you include the exact URL or precise name of the collectible item that you are enquiring about.

In receipt of your email we will ask the seller your question and get back to you. Please allow time for the seller to answer or respond to your questions.

Do I have to pay alcohol taxes and/or duties?

Second hand sales of collective alcoholic products are typically tolerated for two reasons.

  1. All taxes have already been paid on the alcohol content
  2. Such transactions are not about the sale of alcohol, but the sale of a collectible item.

However, in some cases, there might be local taxes due. Both the buyer and seller have a responsibility to respect local tax rules, laws, or any potential import duties & customs procedures.

cabinet7 considers the traded items to be collectible items because the container/packaging is the actual object of the second hand transactions that take place on the platform, not the alcohol contained within.

Who is responsible for the item once shipped?

The seller is fully responsible for the correct packaging of the goods in transit. The buyer is responsible for the receiving of the goods.

What happens in the case of damage, loss, or seizure?

cabinet7 will advise both buyer and seller on shipping and insurance. Shipping is the responsibility of both the buyer and the seller. Generally, all parcels should be shipped and insured.

cabinet7 cannot be held responsible for any damage, delay, blocking, seizure by customs or any other import or tax authority. In this case, it is the obligation of the buyer to get in touch with local customs or any other authorities.

You must inspect your parcel on arrival for any visible damage on the OUTSIDE (e.g. leakage) of the package in the presence of the delivery person. In the unlikely event of visible damage, please DO NOT refuse the package. Instead, you need to declare damage to the delivery person who will provide you with written confirmation of the damage.

In case of damage and in order to claim a refund or a replacement, you have to report the damage within 48 hours after receiving the package. Please send us an e-mail to [email protected] with the following details: Order reference/invoice ID, date and time package received, photos of damaged goods, written confirmation from delivery person of damage). You will receive a reply to confirm that your claim has been received.

Should shipping be insured?

All items should be insured for shipping. The only time this would not happen will be if it has been requested in writing by the buyer. In this case, the buyer takes full responsibility for any damage or loss in transit.

Is cabinet7 responsible for guaranteeing authenticity of collectible items?

Because cabinet7 does not physically hold the items, we are unable to guarantee the authenticity of any lots offered for sale.

However, our expert evaluation team does their utmost to ensure and verify the information from the seller before an item is offered for sale in the auction.

If there is any doubt, we highly recommend the buyer requests further details from the seller to ensure satisfaction of the authenticity before purchasing.

It is the responsibility of both buyer and seller to act in good faith and accordance with local laws.

Payment fees and methods

The buyer pays the full sum of the item value that has been agreed, in addition to any additional shipping costs indicated by the seller.

Payments can be made by credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer, depending on the location of the buyer. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Is the cabinet7 platform secure?

Yes, absolutely. Cabinet7 takes security very seriously, and has put in place numerous security measures to protect users.

SSL technology protects our users’ transactions and provides visitors with proof of our digital identity. SSL is the standard security technology for creating an encrypted link between a web server and a browser.

With SSL, your online transactions are secure and confidential, and risks related to online trade are minimized.

I have a question that is not answered here. What should I do?

General FAQs

How does shipping work?

cabinet7 will advise both sellers and buyers in regards to shipping. The shipping costs are paid by the buyer in addition to the final sale price. The person who owns and sells a collectible item is responsible for shipping to the buyer.

The seller is also responsible for ensuring the correct packaging is used and for shipping the item. It is highly recommended that the item is insured against loss and/or damage in transit.

As the facilitator, cabinet7 cannot be held responsible for any shipping activities. The seller must ship the item within 5 days of the buyer making payment.

Where do the products come from?

Our items come from individuals that own collectible bottles and would like to sell them. Often these bottles are part of a private collection, heritage, or family assets.

Professional reseller

Some sellers on cabinet7 are considered professional resellers. These are clearly marked. All processes are the same for oth professional resellers and private sellers.

How does payment work?

cabinet7 acts as an administrator between buyer and seller, and facilitates payments across borders. That way we can guarantee additional security for both parties to carry out the transaction.

Is my privacy assured?

Yes. Your privacy is very important to us. We only use the information you supply us with, and do so in a lawful manner and only for the purpose of your transaction. Your details are only shared with a third party if you actively agree for us to do so.

Currency of the sales

Buyers can buy and pay in EUR or USD based on a fixed currency exchange rate. The final selling price of an item is determined in EUR. All other currencies offered are based on exchange rates of cabinet7.

I have a question that is not answered here. What should I do?

The story behind cabinet7

A lot of our readers tell us that it's very difficult to find reliable buyers for their rare and/or old spirits such as Cognac, Whisky or Rum. Without naming any names, the e-commerce services that dominate the market fail to sufficiently handle the very specialized field of collector bottles.

… which is why we decided to launch cabinet7.

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