Bas Armagnac Laubade 1989

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this bottle comes from an inheritance. my grandfather was the first owner
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1989 Bas Armagnac Laubade
Yes, a metal seal - in good condition
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Bas Armagnac Laubade 1989 is a type of Armagnac, a type of brandy that originates from the Armagnac region in the south of France.

Armagnac is made from grapes and is typically aged in oak barrels for a number of years before being bottled. The 1989 Laubade is a vintage Armagnac, meaning that it was made from grapes harvested in 1989 and has been aged for at least 10 years. The bottle size of this particular Armagnac is 75cl, which is a standard size for a bottle of alcohol.

The text on the label indicates that it is a 1989 vintage from the Laubade distillery, which is located in the Bas Armagnac region. The metal seal on the bottle is in good condition, which suggests that the bottle has been well-preserved and is likely to be in good quality. According to the information provided, the estimated value of the 1989 Bas Armagnac Laubade is between 160 and 180 euros, as determined by the team at the website

This estimate is based on factors such as the age, quality, and rarity of the Armagnac, as well as the condition of the bottle and the metal seal. It is important to note that the actual value of the Armagnac may vary depending on market conditions and other factors.

The fact that the bottle comes from an inheritance and that it was the property of the current owner's grandfather suggests that it has a personal significance and may be considered a collectible item.

It also comes with a box, which may add to its value as a collectible. It is important to note that Armagnac, like other types of brandy, should be stored standing upright to prevent the cork from drying out and allowing air to enter the bottle, which can cause the alcohol to oxidize and spoil. The LOT number on the bottle, 20513, is likely a reference to the batch or production run in which the Armagnac was made.

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